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Documentation and Datasheets
Here you can find detailled Documentation, Schematics and Datasheets for RP6. You need the Adobe Reader to view these files!


»Download (3.5MB)
RP6 Manual (20071029)

This PDF Manual contains a complete description of the RP6 and a small C programming tutorial. It also shows how to install the Software and how to setup and test the Hardware. It is absolutely necessary to read the complete manual in order to understand how to operate and program the Robot! It contains very important informations!

»Download (1.5MB)
RP6 CONTROL M32 Manual (20071031)

This is an addition to the RP6 Manual for the RP6 CONTROL M32 Expansion module. In general the Microcontroller on this board can be used and programmed the same way, but the library, pinout and some other things are a bit different, of course.

»Download (2MB)
avr-libc Reference Manual 1.4.5

You usually don't need to read this manual, it is just for advanced users who want to use functions of the standard avr-libc.
The latest Version of avr-libc can be found online:
RP6 Schematics

»Download (1.7MB)

The Schematics are intended for advanced users, who want to understand how the RP6 hardware works in detail and what can be modified.

You can download all the Schematics here.

The archive contains the following files:
  • RP6_MAINBOARD.pdf - Mainboard
  • RP6_SENSORS.pdf - Sensor panel
  • RP6_ENCODERS.pdf - Encoders
  • RP6_BUMPERS.pdf - Bumper panel
  • RP6_USB_INTERFACE.pdf - USB Interface/Programmer
  • RP6_EXPERIMENT.pdf - Experiment Expansion Board
  • RP6_CONTROL_M32.pdf - RP6 CONTROL M32 Expansion Board

»Download (8.7MB)

The following documents are intended for advanced users, who want to understand how the RP6 hardware works in detail.

You can download all the datasheets of the RP6 Components here.

The archive contains the following Files:
  • ATMEGA32.pdf - Atmel ATMEGA32 8-Bit RISC Microcontroller
  • FT232R.pdf - FTDI FT232RL USB UART
  • L4940.pdf - Low Drop 1.5A Voltage Regulator
  • TLC27M2.pdf - Precision Dual Operational Amplifier
  • 74HC03D.pdf - Quad NAND gate with unclamped open drain outputs
  • IRF7309PBF.pdf - Dual N and P Channel Power MOSFET
  • IRLML2502pbf.pdf - Power MOSFET
  • LD271.pdf - IR LED
  • TSOP34836.pdf - 36kHz IR Receiver Module
  • SFH9202.pdf - Reflective Interrupter
  • BYM10-50.pdf - Rectifier Diode
  • BAS70_07.pdf - Dual Schottky Diode
  • A906013.pdf - Photocell (Light Dependant Resistor)
RP6-M32 Expansion Module (additional datasheets only):
  • 74HC4094D.pdf - 8-stage shift-and-store bus register
  • AT25256A.pdf - 256K (32768 x 8) SPI EEPROM
  • MCP6001.pdf - Operational Amplifier
Other infos:
  • Display MC1602E-TGR.pdf - 16x2 char LCD
  • LCD_CHARACTERSET.gif - LCD Characterset overview
  • pcf8574.pdf - 8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus
  • pcf8591.pdf - 8-bit A/D and D/A converter for I2C-bus
  • I2C_Bus_specification.pdf - the Philips specification of the I2C-bus

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